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  • Voluntourism: Does it do more harm than good?

    Travelling and discovering the world isn’t enough anymore. Young people are becoming increasingly aware of the issues of the world and many using their trip to help local communities. But with a limited set of skills and little time, it's…

  • Is your Travel Photography Ethical?

    Have you ever thought about how ethical your travel photography is…?  A camera is a powerful tool, a device you can use to preserve a moment in time. But if you’re setting out to explore the lantern-lit lanes of Kyoto’s…

  • What I wish everyone knew about slow travel

    Slow travel is mindful travel, forming connections to local people and cultures, while remaining sustainable for communities and the planet. This guide will inspire you with the benefits of slow travel and why we should embrace this mindset.

  • The Beginners’ Guide to Couchsurfing

    Couchsurfing is a wonderful option for ethical travellers as it helps to combat the impacts of overtourism, especially in popular destinations. Have you ever wanted to try Couchsurfing but are feeling a little apprehensive or unsure? Maybe you wonder if…